ID Clips

ID clips offer an alternative to traditional pin attachments. First attach the clip to the name badge, then pinch open the clip to attach it to a shirt collar, pocket or sleeve.

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Uni-Clip One-Piece Plastic Badge Clips (100/bx)
SKU: 5710-1108
Self Adhesive Metal Clip (100/bx)
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TruBadge Metal Clips with PVC Straps (500/bg)
SKU: C504P-CL-500
Pressure-Sensitive Nickel-Plated Clip/Pin Combo (100/bx)
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Pressure-Sensitive Plastic Badge Clips (500/bx)
SKU: 5735-3008
Pressure-Sensitive Nickel-Plated Badge Clips (500/bx)
SKU: 5735-2100