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Best Price Guarantee

Terms & Exclusions

Offer Terms

The lower-priced item must be:

  • identical in style, color, size, and material.
  • new (not used, refurbished, or "open box"), in-stock, and ready to ship.
  • must be published on another retail website or online store, run by a legitimate business located within the United States with its price shown in the listing.

Applicable taxes, shipping charges and any additional charges will be included when calculating the price difference.

Offer Exclusions

  • Items from bonus or free offers
  • Pricing errors
  • Grand opening or introductory offers
  • Special purchases or special buys
  • Manufacturer's rebates
  • Special orders
  • Clearance or close-outs
  • Auction listings (eBay, etc.)
  • Bundle pricing
  • Membership pricing
  • "School Films" (item SKUs: S15G251, S15G271, S30G251, and S30G271) due to fluctuations in raw material costs
  • Equipment and supplies manufactured by Lassco Wizer, LEDCO, James Burn, and D&K are also excluded.

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