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The Fujipla LPE-3510 13" Roll Laminator is incredibly easy to use and has an ultra-fast warm-up time! This laminator is a popular choice among printers who laminate sheets up to 12" x 18" from their toner-based digital presses or copiers. In addition, if you primarly laminate smaller documents, the LPE-3510 will save you money on film and energy. When compared to a standard 27" laminator, you'll find it occupies only half the counter space, uses half the electricity and you'll waste less film by using smaller 12" rolls. In addition, the small rollers apply more pressure than most 27" laminators for increased adhesion.

Product Features:

  • Special roller pressure lever that allows you to gap the rollers in downtimes to keep the rollers from developing flat spots when not turning. It also allows for easier threading, clearing jams, and cleaning the rollers.

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