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Laminating Pouches

The most convenient way to laminate: Laminating pouches are pre-cut pieces of lamination material that are sealed together along one edge. Use these laminating sheets with a desktop sized pouch laminator or unthreaded roll laminator to quickly seal your documents. Pouches are already cut to fit a wide variety of document sizes, which saves you time because no trimming is necessary.

TruLam Premium Laminating Pouches feature quality DuPont™ adhesives for maximum bonding strength and long-lasting, crystal clear results.

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Standard Clear Gloss Laminating Pouches

These tables map out our offering of hot clear (glossy) laminating pouches, sorted by width in inches (shortest dimension). All of our laminating pouches have round corners unless otherwise specified. Order laminating materials today!

Pouch NamePouch Width (in.)Pouch Length (in.)3 Mil5 Mil7 Mil10 Mil
Bookmark Extra Small (XS)1-1/85-1/2   
3-Hole Punch Reinforcement1-3/169   
Bookmark Micro1-3/85-1/2  
Credit Card2-1/83-3/8
Oversized Credit Card2-1/83-11/16   
Bookmark Small2-1/86  
Business Card2-1/43-3/4
Large Card2-1/44-1/4   
Bookmark Stout2-1/45-1/4   
Bookmark Thin2-1/46-1/4  
IBM/Data Card2-5/163-1/4 
Driver's License2-3/83-5/8 
Wallet Large2-3/83-3/8   
Military-R Special2-3/83-1/2   
Bookmark Large2-3/89 
School Card2-1/23-5/8 
Key Card2-1/23-7/8  
Luggage Tag (No Slot)2-1/24-1/4 
Bookmark Medium2-1/27-3/4
ID Badge2-9/163-3/4 
Military Card (No Slot)2-5/83-7/8 
Mini Prayer Card2-3/43-3/4  
Prayer Card2-3/44-1/2  
Memorial Card2-7/84-5/8 
Hunting & Fishing34 
Jumbo Large34-3/8 
Small Index Card35 
Casket Record3-1/89   
Recipe Card3-3/164-3/8  
Meat Card3-1/44-3/4   
Prayer Card Large3-1/45-1/4   
File/Index Card3-1/25-1/2 
Postal Card3-9/165-5/16  
Deli Card3-5/84-3/4   
Circulation Card3-15/165-11/16  
Extra Circulation3-15/166-7/8  
Parking Permit44   
Video Card Small46
Stack Pack49 
Video Card Large4-1/46-1/4
1/3 Letter4-1/49  
Giant Card4-1/26 
Mini Photo4-3/86-1/2 
1/4 Letter4-3/46
1/2 Letter (Vertical)4-3/411-1/2  
Portrait Small5-1/47-1/4 
Memorial Folder5-1/27-1/2   
Mini Letter8-3/411-1/4
Mini Menu11-1/417-1/4
Menu Small11-1/217-1/2
Large 12 in. Square1212   
Menu Large1218

Laminating Pouches with Pre-Punched Slots

A slot allows a laminated item to be attached to a lanyard, plastic loop, badge clip, or zip tie. These pre-punched laminating pouches make great tags and badges!

Pouch NamePouch Width (in.)Pouch Length (in.)3 Mil5 Mil7 Mil10 Mil
Small Address Label with Slot1-3/83-3/8   
Horizontal Luggage Tag2-1/84-1/4   
Luggage Tag with Slot2-1/24-1/4 
Military Card with Slot2-5/83-7/8 
Industrial Tag with Slot3-1/45-3/4   
Tour Badge with Slot46   

Matte Laminating Pouches

Reduce glare and create a writeable surface with these laminating sheets with a matte finish!

Pouch NamePouch Width (in.)Pouch Length (in.)3 Mil5 Mil7 Mil10 Mil
Credit Card2-1/83-3/8   
Business Card2-1/43-3/4   
Menu Large1218  

Sticky-Back Laminating Pouches

These adhesive-backed laminating pouches with a release liner work like a sticker. Create stick-on signs, placards and counter mats easily with these laminating pouches!

Pouch NamePouch Width (in.)Pouch Length (in.)3 Mil5 Mil7 Mil10 Mil
Business Card2-1/43-3/4   
Menu Small11-1/217-1/2  
Menu Large1218   

Magnet-Back Laminating Pouches

Exclusively at Lamination Depot! Create your own refrigerator and car magnets with these magnet back laminating pouches.

Pouch NamePouch Width (in.)Pouch Length (in.)3 Mil5 Mil7 Mil10 Mil
4 x 6 - Gloss Finish46   
4 x 6 - Soft Touch (Matte) Finish46   
Letter - Gloss Finish8-1/211   
Letter - Soft Touch (Matte) Finish8-1/211   
12 x 18 - Satin Finish1218   

Premium DIGIKote Laminating Pouches

These premium laminating pouches activate at a lower temperature, making them ideal for photos.

Pouch NamePouch Width (in.)Pouch Length (in.)3 Mil5 Mil7 Mil10 Mil
Menu Large1218  

How to Select the Right Laminating Pouch

Not sure which laminating pouch size is correct for your project? Watch this quick video to find out!

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