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TruBind Heavy Duty Coil Cutting & Crimping Tool


Finish the ends of your spiral coil bound book with this must-have tool!

TruBind coil crimpers are an ideal tool for cutting and crimping plastic binding coils since they are used to both cut and crimp the end of the coil closed, locking in the document pages. They produce an extra-long crimp to further secure the pages of bound documents.

TruBind coil crimping pliers have a precision tip that ensures accurate crimping and cutting on coil sizes ranging from 6mm to 50mm. Their compressed flat spring design prevents the springs from popping out of place, as some are prone to do.

Designed for medium-to-high-volume use, TruBind coil crimping pliers are made from hardened steel that includes special additives to improve the tool's strength and durability while preventing corrosion.

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Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews

Tool performes as expected.

by -

Spring construction in the handle exellent.Shipping was prompt.

Just as expected

by -

I have used one similar to this for years at a print shop, and the one I was using finally bit the dust. I'm not sure that the "heavy duty" part of it was really necessary, however it was cheaper than other not heavy duty options. These crimpers are easy to use, if not self-explanatory. Looking at some of the other reviews prior to purchasing said they were difficult to use. This may be that they didn't have the proper technique. Watch a tutorial.

You really can't spiral bind nice and neatly without one of

by -

Makes a high-quality, finished product!


by -

These are just great! they were here promptly and work great for out small printing business. Great customer service also. Thanks for the awesome purchase at a great price.

Great! Being a lefty and still easy to use.

by -

I'm left-handed so there was a slight learning curve of watching youtube videos. Product does what it is suppose to. Easy to use.

Perfect binding tool

by -

Works great, saves us over $100 on each project we bind in house.

Great Tool!

by -

Very helpful to have a few of these around!

fair price for this tool

by -

cuts coils well enough but to twist/turn in coil edges (to prevent unwinding of document) it needs more of a needle nose point to grab the coil and turn it in

Not as good as I thought

by -

This seems to be a sturdy product, well made. It cuts the coil very well but, is hard to get it to crimp. You have to play with it a lot to finally figure out how to hold it to crimp. I could have continued to bend the coil with a needle nose that I already had. And the needle nose is easier.

good enough

by -

works better than my original. this tool performs well on thick coils, only 'ok' on thin ones.

It's Fine

by -

The pliers themselves appear to be a "one stop wonder," but in reality, a pair of scissors and a regular set of pliers can do the same job. I was thinking that this was a specific tool to use with the coils, but it's just not that special, alas.

Better than needle nose, but not nearly as good as expected.

by -

Two of us have used with same experience. 30 - 50% of attempted cut/crimps are successful in one motion. Seems to me it could/should be 100%. We still use these rather than needle nose pliers.

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