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The Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 automatically lifts the right amount of paper to be punched, which eliminates jams that slow down a project and saves time used for counting pages! This machine is easy to set up as well as operate and comes with a variable paper lift thickness. To operate, adjust the dial on the front of the PAL-14, then press the button; the PAL-14 automatically moves to the level of the paper pile and lifts the corner of the paper pile with just the right amount of paper for easy insertion and punching. When the paper pile is gone, the PAL-14 automatically resets to the top and is ready for more paper.

The PAL-14 handles pages, index tabs, clear covers, and oversized covers sized as small as 8.5" x 5.5" up to 8.5" x 14", both in landscape and in portrait. The PAL-14 can be loaded with up to 3 full reams of paper at a time! The Rhin-O-Tuff PAL-14 can be used as stand-alone configuration or mounted on any Rhin-O-Tuff vertical punching OD or HD machine. The PAL-14 can be combined with an existing APES attachment to make a completely automated system.

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