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2 in. Aluminum Chicago Screws/Screw Posts (100 sets/bx)

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If a Product Does Not Work, What Can One Say?

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I tried fitting one screw and one post together. I managed to get the screw to go into the post about 3/4, so a few threads were still exposed. It would go no further. I tried unscrewing and it would not. I tried a second set with the same result. Even though I put them together only finger tight, I could not get them undone. When I used a wrench on those first two, they just sheared off instead of unscrewing. I tried two other sets, and each screw went in only about four or five turns before getting stuck. I even started them by turning the screws counterclockwise, first, to make sure the threads would line up. When I couldn't undo them with my fingers, even while struggling and hurting my fingers from the force I applied, they still did not budge. I did not try to undo those with the wrenches. I left them. I tried a fifth set and got about three or four turns before it started to stick. I decided to give up and ask for a refund. I have used Chicago screws for nearly 60 years since I was a child helping my mother with her bookkeeping for work and several times for other reasons over the years. I have not otherwise had any of these issues with other screw posts.